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News Article - 08.26.2009

Oklahomans continue to spend money on entertainment despite economy

Hot dogs at the ballpark, tickets to the ballet and an evening playing the slots. Even in a sketchy economy, people are spending money on entertainment.\' Read more
News Article - 08.26.2009

Oklahoma City-area banks looking to woo consumers back

Business tycoon Donald Trump made the headline news circuit recently, talking about how banks across the country were no longer lending money. Read more
News Article - 08.26.2009

Travelers trickling in and out of OKC

Just two years ago, Oklahoma City Director of Airports Mark Kranenburg\'s phone was, literally, lit up with additional gate requests from major airlines wanting to send planes in and out of OKC. Read more
Profiles - 08.26.2009

OKC\'s Allied Arts tabs VP as new leader

Deborah McAuliffe Senner worked behind the scenes for nearly seven years helping Allied Arts become the pre-eminent contributor to the arts in the metro. Read more
News Article - 07.22.2009

Professional development allows employees to sharpen their job skills

In this day of layoffs and downsizing, employers and employees are trying to find ways to stay recession-proof. For many, that means increasing their skill sets as fast as possible. Read more
News Article - 07.22.2009

Catchy courses designed to snare OKC-area students

Forget \"Underwater Basket Weaving.\" More and more universities are choosing innovative courses and delivery methods to spur student enrollment. Read more
News Article - 07.22.2009

With job losses up, OKC enrollment in adult education is up, as well

Riding a wave for much of the last decade, the business of adult education seems to be heading toward an all-time high as America\'s economy tries to avoid hitting an all-time low. And with more and more Oklahomans out of work, universities and vocational schools are in fierce competition for adults looking to change careers. Read more
News Article - 06.24.2009

Oklahoma City-area construction industry seeing lower prices, demand

Smith and Pickel Construction celebrated its 33rd anniversary in May. And co-owner James Pickel says he\'s seen a lot of changes in the city\'s construction landscape during those three decades. Read more
News Article - 06.24.2009

Technology promises to keep Oklahomans healthier, reduce infections

Two OKC men have joined to form a new company that promises to make the surfaces around you virtually bacteria-free, and the list of potential clients is virtually endless for the company known as Germnx. Read more
Profiles - 06.24.2009

Director helps OKC schools fill in their missing pieces

Lori Dickinson is a product of a self-described idyllic childhood. Sports, student council, a two-parent home - all were present in the Dickinson household in Noble. Read more
News Article - 05.27.2009

Cities think globally, act locally on public transit

Evolution to a sprawling metropolitan area comes with its headaches, not the least of which is public transit. And while many metro areas choose to address the issue of getting people from point A to point B only when it has become a problem, Oklahoma City and the surrounding municipalities are looking to get a handle on it long before then. Read more
News Article - 05.27.2009

Oklahoma City PR pro gets creative

Tom Searls hasn\'t been sleeping much lately. Being named president and CEO of the group that\'s basically charged with harnessing creativity in our state will tend to keep one up at night. Read more
 - 04.22.2009

Some industries faring just fine during recession: the so-called \'sin\' ones

Companies left and right are lining up for bailout assistance from the federal government. But even with the nation in recession, a few Oklahoma businesses have money to spare. Read more
News Article - 04.22.2009

Advisers say companies can\'t spell profits without PR

It\'s a famous quote in public relations circles that cites Microsoft founder Bill Gates saying that if he were down to his last dollar, he\'d spend it on PR. During a time of sagging bottom lines and a keen eye on return on investment, that\'s a powerful statement. Read more
Profiles - 04.22.2009

New Yorker takes art museum reins in OKC

Glen Gentele\'s specialty in the art world is contemporary sculpture, and, not coincidentally, his passion in life is taking raw materials and molding them into something astounding. Read more