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Innovation - 07.24.2013

War on Terror

Experts train others to combat terrorism threats at home and abroad

David Cid and Kim Carter agree they wouldn’t be in their current positions had Timothy McVeigh not parked a Ryder truck in front of Oklahoma City’s Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building 18 years ago, lit a fuse and walked away. Read more
Profiles - 06.21.2013

ProFile: Mike Patterson, Oklahoma Department of Transportation

Career ODOT man takes top seat

Mike Patterson remembers the days when the Oklahoma Department of Transportation barely had enough money to make payroll and fix a few potholes. As the new director of ODOT, he says the Legislature and the people of Oklahoma have made transportation a priority in recent years
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Profiles - 05.30.2013

ProFile: Jeanie Webb, Rose State College

When Jeanie Webb looks out her window at Rose State College and sees the multitude of students going to and fro, she sees herself. Read more
Banking and Finance - 05.30.2013

For the Long haul

Advisers warn against short-term thinking

Ron Shaw grew up in a household with a circled calendar on the wall. Read more
Banking and Finance - 05.30.2013

Strategy is key

Old-school investing takes a hit

Harry Markowitz, born in 1927, is considered the father of the Modern Portfolio Theory. In a nutshell, diversifying your risk by spreading your money across various investments was the only proven financial winner. Read more
Banking and Finance - 05.30.2013

Fear factor

Investing in a retirement account can be scary, but starting early can help alleviate those fears

On the NBC hit prime-time show Fear Factor, contestants brave their worst fears for a chance at a big cash prize. Read more
Technology - 05.30.2013

Social settings

Company leverages social media for businesses

Vernon Millspaugh had a problem. Read more
Development - 04.25.2013

Senior class

Boomers looking for more out of retirement living

When it comes to retirement, there’s an idea that a comfortable easy chair parked in front of the television is the way to go. But for the baby boomers, a generation that set the bar in everything from music to race relations, retirement means something more — a lot more. Read more
Development - 04.25.2013

Market makeover

OKC Public Farmers Market receives help from area businesses to define its future

Midtown. Downtown. Bricktown. Deep Deuce. The Paseo. The Asian District.

All are recognizable sections of Oklahoma City that have had their story told, and all have a road map of where they’re going.

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 - 03.25.2013

Scan man

Local company helps move businesses into digital age

Dan Rotelli craves order. So it’s a little surprising to see the Golden Tee video game next to the wall with the Xbox and Nintendo Wii while employees shuffle back and forth on Segways during the work day. Read more
Profiles - 03.25.2013

ProFile: Scott Meacham, i2E

Scott Meacham sows, grows i2E

As a former Oklahoma State Treasurer, Scott Meacham knows a good investment when he spots one. And for more than five and a half years, he spotted those investments slipping out of Oklahoma and paying off for other states. Read more
Arts & Culture - 03.25.2013

Raise your glass

Toast for a cause at ARTini

When Amanda Kirkpatrick first volunteered to help with the Allied Arts fundraiser known as ARTini, it was just her and a few friends. Now, more than six years later, the support is as strong as the martinis served to help a good cause. Read more
Government - 03.25.2013

Burn ban

Bill could allow businesses to snuff out smokers

If proposed legislation gains momentum, workers who take time for a smoke break could find themselves with a lot more time on their hands. Read more
Construction - 03.25.2013

Record time

Grant sails through for Norman agency

In the world of federal grant applications, progress often can be measured in months.

But the stars aligned at the end of the last fiscal year for the Norman Economic Development Coalition. And Executive Director Don Wood says his organization has an extra $2.5 million to show for it.

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Profiles - 02.21.2013

ProFile: Pete Delaney, OG&E

OG&E’s Delaney takes chamber board reins

As president and CEO of OG&E, Pete Delaney knows the ins and outs of the power industry. Read more