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Aerospace - 08.27.2012

On the defense

Oklahoma companies brace for budget cuts

Oscar Womack writes his congressman on a regular basis, but the last few months he’s kept the mail carrier extraordinarily busy.

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Tourism - 08.27.2012

Overriding desire

Canadian helps turn Norman ranch into world-class facility

Dynah Korhummel did the whole Silicon Valley thing back in the middle of the dot-com era.

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Nonprofits - 08.27.2012

The Single Life

Single moms get much-needed support through locally founded organization

Susan Leonard would roll her eyes when her girlfriends talked about the woes of having a lazy husband. The alternative – raising a daughter single-handedly – usually made them stop whining. Read more
Profiles - 08.27.2012

Relatively comfortable

One of the first females to belong to a traditionally male business club now serves as its president

Growing up with a grandfather who was a Rotarian back in Montgomery, Ala., Marion Paden was familiar with the traditionally male business club. Read more
Health Care - 07.24.2012

Exploring health care

Health care summit to bring leaders together

Navigating the waters of changing health care legislation and ever-shrinking reimbursement levels will be discussed at the upcoming “Explore: Oklahoma Health Care Summit.” Read more
Health Care - 07.24.2012

Open records request

Mom and son tackle medical records accessibility

When Victoria Bill suffered a mild heart attack last year, son Eric Richardson was angry.

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Energy - 07.24.2012

The proof is in the pump

Kimray’s electric glycol pump provides less wear, less costly repairs and no emissions

Two things are always in short supply on a job site: time and money. For 64 years now, Kimray Inc. has helped oil and gas producers save both. Read more
Profiles - 07.24.2012

McDonald’s lovin’ it!

Oil man looks to defend his own

Thirty-one years ago working as a tax attorney, Mike McDonald saw an opportunity. He worked every day with entrepreneurs who where taking a gamble and winding up making a pretty good living for themselves. Read more
Human Resources - 06.29.2012

Executive boot camp

Businesses benefit from Bedlam

Every July, Dan Ostas packs a few days worth of crimson ties and University of Oklahoma polos, and leaves his Norman home for his annual trek to Stillwater. Read more
Profiles - 06.29.2012

Bitewing man

OU dean to serve as president-elect

Stephen Young graduated from University of Missouri-Kansas City Dental School in 1971. A residency at the University of Michigan was followed by what he thought would be a brief stay in Oklahoma.

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Human Resources - 06.29.2012

Coaching them up

HR pros try to build better employees

Athletes have coaches, so why not employees? After all, it’s their performance that dictates the direction a company is heading. Read more
Human Resources - 06.29.2012

Say what?!?

Communication is key in the corporate world

Earlier this year, worldwide staffing company Accountemps released a survey that was sure to pain many a human resources manager. Read more
Entrepreneurship - 05.30.2012

Farm to table

O-State center helps OKC businesses grow

Starting out more than 15 years ago, April Harrington was her business: no building, no plan, just a dream.

A bout with ovarian cancer had piqued her interest in organic food. But how to sustain, much less grow, a business was beyond her.

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 - 05.30.2012

Forward thinking

Metro health care providers think outside — and inside — the box

In health care, there’s a procedure for almost everything, and a manual for everything else. Read more
Health Care - 05.30.2012

Living arrangements

Facilities give seniors, investors an assist

Back in 1996, Joyce Clark served as the director of the first assisted-living facility in Oklahoma City. She never imagined where that first job would take her. Read more