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Construction - 09.19.2012

Hogan faces opposition on Lower Bricktown project

If the entrance to a proposed building in Lower Bricktown is not changed, developer Randy Hogan may face a long road ahead in his plans to build along the Bricktown Canal. The project was delayed for at least a month after the Sept. 19 Oklahoma City Urban Renewal Authority meeting, where commissioners voiced their disapproval at Hogan’s plans to have the main entrance face a parking lot rather than the canal. Read more
Construction - 09.18.2012

OKC looks to future by visiting other cities

When Roy Williams visits other cities on official business, he looks for things that worked, things that didn’t, and creative economic initiatives and the subsequent growing pains every city experiences as it increases in population and stature. Read more
Real Estate - 09.13.2012

Gold Dome finds buyer

The geodesic gold dome at N.W. 23rd Street and Classen Boulevard has a new owner after a foreclosure auction Sept. 13. David Box, CEO of Box Talent and Box Real Estate, was the sole bidder on the 1958 former bank building. Read more
Economy - 09.06.2012

State experiences third straight month of lower tax collections

In a monthly gross receipts report at the state capitol Sept. 6, State Treasurer Ken Miller had little good news, and some numbers he called a “head-scratcher.” Read more
Retail - 08.31.2012

Athletic retailer dips toe in Oklahoma City market

On the opening day of lululemon Aug. 30, crowds varied from a few browsers to long lines that nearly reached to the shop’s front door within the first few hours. It is the first Oklahoma City appearance of the brand, but rather than a full retail store, it is more like lululemon lite. Read more
Construction - 08.28.2012

Architect talks Kerr Park plans

It may not look like much now, but over the next two years, Oklahoma City will be reintroduced to Kerr and Couch parks downtown. A transformation is under way at the adjoining parks in a joint effort by the city of Oklahoma City, SandRidge Energy and Chesapeake Energy. Read more
Technology - 08.27.2012

Hoop tech

Ongoing technology upgrades at Chesapeake Energy Arena keep it on the cutting edge

In the Stone Ages — way back in 2002 — the $89 million Ford Center, now the Chesapeake Energy Arena, opened in Downtown Oklahoma City. Funded by taxpayer dollars, the arena met National Hockey League and National Basketball League standards, and had great perks, such as a darkroom for members of the press. Read more
Education - 08.27.2012

Pump it up

CareerTech offers ground-source heat-pump program for first time

Heating and air conditioning students at CareerTech centers will have a new component to their training this fall that can make them more desirable to future employers. Read more
Arts & Culture - 08.27.2012

Wheel estate

Metro-area car enthusiasts play show-and-tell with their most prized rides

Some cars are known for their reliability, like the Honda Accord or the Toyota Camry. While both will give drivers years of pleasant driving with few repairs, it is unlikely either vehicle will end up as the car of choice for a suave silver-screen secret agent or in a museum.
Then there are luxury cars that give the driver a certain cache, but also are not likely to become collectibles. Of course, there are those cars that can literally stop traffic just by their presence.
A few owners of some unique and sought-after cars invited okcBIZ into their garages to take a look at their prized vehicles.
Read more
Executive Homes - 08.27.2012

Executive Homes

Michael and Jennifer Gallagher paid $530,000 to Mildred Mason Family LLC for property at 309 N.W. 16th, Oklahoma City, 73103. The 2,704-square-foot house is in the Heritage Hills neighborhood and was built in 1912. Read more
Education - 08.27.2012

Pay grade

A snapshot of metro-area colleges’ and universities’ enrollment and tuition costs

As undergraduates enter college, or return this year to state and private institutions, some will be charged slightly more, while others will see no increases. Read more
Retail - 08.23.2012

Penn Square renovations planned

Fifty is as good an age as any for a facelift for a person or a shopping mall. When Penn Square celebrated its 52nd year in 2012, the owner, Simon Property Group Inc., decided it was time for a little cosmetic work. For years it was an open-air mall. Later it was enclosed, and in the late 1980s underwent a major transformation into the mall it is today. In recent years, minor upgrades have been made to the interior and exterior. Read more
Real Estate - 08.23.2012

Apartments sell for $1.65 million

 Price Edwards & Co. brokered the sale of the Golden Oaks Apartments at 5811 N.W. 34th for $1.65 million. The 126-unit apartment complex was built in were built in 1964. The sale came out to $13,095 per unit. Read more