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News Article - 09.16.2009

Oklahoma revenue collections decline for second consecutive month

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Senate President Pro-Tem Glenn Coffee said state agency heads will make appropriate adjustments as state revenue collections declined for the second consecutive month. Read more
News Article - 12.01.2009

Oklahoma governor announces 2009 Quality Award winners

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Governor Brad Henry\'s office announced Nov. 30 that two organizations will receive 2009 Oklahoma Quality Awards during a ceremony Dec. 9 at the Governor\'s Mansion in Oklahoma City. Read more
News Article - 01.31.2009

Governor names Oklahoma health secretary, appoints judge

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Gov. Brad Henry announced he promoted Oklahoma Commissioner of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services Terri White to his executive cabinet, appointing her to the position of Secretary of Health Jan 30. Henry also appointed Terry McBride as District Judge for the 12th Judicial District in Craig, Mayes and Rogers Counties. Read more
News Article - 04.23.2009

Oklahoma governor requests federal assistance after wildfires

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Gov. Brad Henry requested federal disaster aid for Oklahomans impacted by recent wildfires April 22. Read more
News Article - 06.08.2007

Henry signs one bill, vetoes another

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Gov. Brad Henry signed one bill and vetoed another bill today, completing his work on legislation passed during the 2007 session. Read more
News Article - 01.30.2008

Oklahoma governor proposes cost-comparison prescription drug Web site

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Gov. Brad Henry announced today he is proposing an initiative during the upcoming legislative session that would arm consumers with prescription-drug information. Read more
News Article - 01.27.2009

Oklahoma governor seeks EDGE funding

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Governor Brad Henry announced Jan. 26 a plan to boost funding for the EDGE research endowment by earmarking various state interest and investment earnings for the fund. Read more
News Article - 05.06.2005

Lawmakers vie to clean house, voting to remove every member of regulatory board

Looking to increase public confidence in Oklahoma nursing homes, state lawmakers have voted to overhaul the board that regulates the industry and replace every single board member. Read more
News Article - 01.23.2009

Fortune magazine selects three Oklahoma City companies to Top 100 list

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Fortune magazine has ranked five Oklahoma companies among its Top 100 Companies to Work For list including three Oklahoma City companies. The Feb. 2 edition of the magazine will be available Jan. 26 while the list is currently posted on their Web site. Read more
News Article - 06.18.2005

Lawmaker requests Attorney General Opinion on Henry\'s decision to allow State Treasurer, Secretary of Finance wear same hat

A House leader said he\'s concerned about \"a potential grave conflict of interest\" surrounding Gov. Brad Henry\'s move to combine a partisan cabinet position with an elected office and will request a state attorney general\'s opinion on the matter. Read more