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Health Care - 04.12.2012

Alzheimer's study aims to prolong independence

A former prison chaplain who advocates now for Alzheimer's patients worries that one day he will unable to keep up daily tasks and become a burden on his family. Read more
On The Move - 06.19.2012

Biology professor to take asst. provost post at OCU

Oklahoma City University has a new assistant provost. Read more
Human Resources - 06.29.2012

Executive boot camp

Businesses benefit from Bedlam

Every July, Dan Ostas packs a few days worth of crimson ties and University of Oklahoma polos, and leaves his Norman home for his annual trek to Stillwater. Read more
Profiles - 06.29.2012

Bitewing man

OU dean to serve as president-elect

Stephen Young graduated from University of Missouri-Kansas City Dental School in 1971. A residency at the University of Michigan was followed by what he thought would be a brief stay in Oklahoma.

Read more
Government - 07.24.2012

Congestion Ahead

Voters in Norman to consider a $42 million transportation bond issue to widen Lindsey Street, among other projects

In Norman, one street serves as a major thoroughfare ... and a major headache for residents. Read more
Education - 08.27.2012

Pay grade

A snapshot of metro-area colleges’ and universities’ enrollment and tuition costs

As undergraduates enter college, or return this year to state and private institutions, some will be charged slightly more, while others will see no increases. Read more
Health Care - 09.06.2012

OU receives $10 million for cancer research

Ten million dollars might not be enough money to cure cancer, but it will help researchers at the University of Oklahoma fight the disease. With the money from the National Institutes of Health, OU President David Boren said it gives further legitimacy to the cancer treatment efforts at the university. Read more
Construction - 03.25.2013

Record time

Grant sails through for Norman agency

In the world of federal grant applications, progress often can be measured in months.

But the stars aligned at the end of the last fiscal year for the Norman Economic Development Coalition. And Executive Director Don Wood says his organization has an extra $2.5 million to show for it.

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Education - 08.26.2013

Bottom dollar

OU and OSU keep tuition rates flat for the 2013-2014 academic year

This academic year brings good news for university students and parents in Oklahoma who have faced ever-increasing tuition rates: Two major state universities announced this summer that tuition for instate students would not increase next year. Read more