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Retail - 02.24.2012

Warren debuts $10 million IMAX

Bill Warren never ceases to amaze moviegoers. As owner of Wichita, Kan.-based Warren Theatres, he brought a theater to Moore in 2008 with a décor that paid tribute to grand movie houses of the past. A feature new to this market was balcony seating in two auditoriums with food and drink service. Read more
Compass - 03.28.2012


Retail - 04.26.2012

Moore means business

With large national retailers and the country's larges IMAX, Moore is no longer just a sleepy town south of Oklahoma City

It’s a good thing Deidre Ebrey isn’t in the market for a Ferrari or jewelry from Tiffany & Co.

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SBA Loans - 04.26.2012

SBA Loans

Executive Homes - 08.27.2012

Executive Homes

Michael and Jennifer Gallagher paid $530,000 to Mildred Mason Family LLC for property at 309 N.W. 16th, Oklahoma City, 73103. The 2,704-square-foot house is in the Heritage Hills neighborhood and was built in 1912. Read more
Executive Homes - 09.26.2012

Executive Homes

Jeffrey and Sally Starling paid $1.335 million to Edward and Amy Edwards for a 4,297-square-foot home in Nichols Hills at 1506 Camden Way. It was built in 1931. Read more
Executive Homes - 02.01.2013

Executive Homes

Nathan Todd and Tiffany Dawn Davis paid $1 million to Shannon and Tiffany Self for property at 420 N.W. 14th, Oklahoma City, 73103. The 5,492-square-foot Heritage Hills home was built in 1921. Read more